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Why I Came Back to PLMR Advent

by Adam Manning

Returning to PLMR Advent HQ was an emotional homecoming after 15 months away from the business.   

Making the decision to initially leave Advent in May 2021 (prior to PLMR’s takeover of the firm) to become a Police Officer was one of the hardest – and scariest – decisions I had ever made.  

While I didn’t want to leave after five great years, I felt I had reached a ceiling, and for the sake of my own personal development, needed to join a larger organisation that would challenge me personally and professionally and contribute to society.  

After trying various policing departments and being able to pick up some key skills along the way, such as conflict management, I had a nagging feeling that it was a career that was not suited to me in the long-term.  

Rather than burying my head in the sand, I knew I had to act.  

When I became aware that the Advent business had been acquired by PLMR and a vacancy had arisen, I was immediately interested. 

Hearing about PLMR’s varied expertise in areas such as digital marketing, PR and public affairs across numerous sectors – along with its commitment to funding training that is tailored to individuals – was music to my ears, and after some initial meetings, I was left hoping and praying they would offer me a route back in. 

Thankfully, they did and I am loving every minute of it. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my time here first time round and, thankfully, everything that was great about Advent, such as the office atmosphere and the diverse range of clients, has been maintained. And now, as part of an even bigger business, with so many more avenues for my career to take, I can see I will be given even more tools to develop personally and professionally. 

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