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At PLMR, supporting the third sector is at the heart of what we do both working for, and supporting, charities and not for profit organisations. Since our foundation in 2006, we have donated 5% of net profit to charity every year.

As an ethical agency with a strong social conscience, PLMR is proud to work with charity clients, including Cancer Research UK, the Neurological Alliance and Combat Stress. From organising receptions at 10 Downing Street to securing widespread national media coverage, we have a proven track record of success in the charitable sector.

We understand that small and large charities have a unique voice in British society – often at the sharp end of Government policies. Our experience, and the organisations we work with daily, mean that we know how to make sure charities’ voices are heard in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

How PLMR and Cancer Research UK helped to cause a Government U-turn that standardised plain packaging on cigarettes across the UK
Raising awareness for a vital cause

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