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Through Search Engine Optimistion (SEO) and User Experience (UX) research, we can make your website work harder for you, meet the requirements of your target audiences and convert more users. Let our digital experts achieve your goals and develop your online visibility.

Improving your brand’s online visibility can deliver a real impact on your business’ bottom line. While all good marketers understand the role of search engines such as Google, the power of SEO and the wider search marketing landscape, not all have the time, resources and expertise to keep up with rapidly evolving search algorithms and guidelines. 

PLMR is one of UK’s leading SEO agencies. We work with businesses, charities and organisations to increase organic visits and drive enquiries, leads and sales. The techniques we employ to deliver our comprehensive Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services are sophisticated, requiring up to date know-how and advanced online tools. Critically, we understand the importance of integrating SEO across PR, social media, web content management and digital marketing. 

For User Experience, our digital specialists use heat mapping, session recording, event tracking and other advanced techniques to understand the user journeys and navigational structure of your website so improvements can be made to reduce bounce rates, increase interaction, drive action, and improve SEO performance. Our bespoke Monthly Impact Reports graphically demonstrate the results we achieve for you. 

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PLMR’s crisis communications experience is second to none, and includes pre-emptive and reactive work across traditional and social media channels. We work with a range of organisations to offer critical communication support when they are faced with difficult and challenging scenarios.