5 Top Tips For Creating A Successful Social Media Campaign In 2022

Kiera Connick

Digital Account Manager

Social Media as ever is expanding every year and brands often utilise their platforms to promote upcoming products, events or ideas. This has been shown in a range of creative and individual ways across the years. Some of the most notable social media campaigns from 2021 were, #PandoraMe, to relaunch the Pandora Me collection, Pandora put out a digital campaign to reach a new audience of Gen Z users. They did this by including popular TikToker Addison Rae, singer, Charli XCX and content creator, Donte Colley. They created TikTok challenges to gain exposure, Reels and Gifs for Instagram and several videos to promote the campaign.

One of the most notable social media campaigns of every year which gets users excited is Spotify wrapped. Users across social media platforms post their top artists, songs and genres of the year from the data Spotify has provided and it often sparks a huge discussion across social media making the campaign trend every year without fail.

So you might be thinking, how to I start my own successful campaign across social media and gain exposure for my company. Here are our 5 top tips on how to create and run a successful social media campaign in 2022:


  1. Make sure you are promoting ONE strong message with a range of content – Making sure you have your finalised message for your campaign is vital. You don’t want to confuse your audience, so the more concise your message the better. Content to promote can include, videos, infographics, blog posts etc but needs to maintain the overall message throughout. This could be done by the use of a hashtag that you can add to every relevant post, decide on a catchy hashtag to increase the chance of it trending and gaining more impressions.


  1. Research your competitors – This is such a crucial step into creating a successful social media campaign. You don’t want to put out your idea to the world and then realise your competitor has done something similar before. Look into what they have done successfully or what they haven’t done that you could capitalise on. Coming up with unique ideas within your sector will ensure your campaign is successful.


  1. Know your audience – As we mentioned earlier Pandora reached out to their Gen Z audience with popular influencers to grab their attention. It’s so important you get to know your audience and what they interact with before starting your campaign. You don’t want to put your idea out and realise it doesn’t connect with your audience at all, this could also result in a loss of followers and that’s the last thing you want to create a successful campaign!


  1. Regular stream of content – Keeping up a regular stream of content is so important, you don’t want users to forget about your account but also don’t want them to get too overwhelmed by the amount of content you post. Depending on your campaign, come up with an appropriate amount of content to put out a week, this may be one post per day or one post every other day depending on the amount of content you have to post. Posting this content at the same time for each post will keep users engaged and more likely to remember your brand than if you just post at any point in the day. Make sure you post at a time that fits your audience, for example, if your company is within the education sector, don’t post during school hours as your impressions would be extremely low, posting during the evening when teachers, parents, etc. will be sitting down on their phone or laptop for the evening would be the most beneficial. Platforms such as Twitter and Facebook allow you to schedule content in advance so you can keep up with a regular stream, otherwise you can use scheduling tools such as Hootsuite of Buffer to schedule in posts in advance to all your desired platforms.


  1. Make the content unique and exciting – Creating eye-catching graphics, fun videos and unique content will get your audience excited about your campaign. Make the content as visual and clear as possible and don’t keep posting the same content. Infographic templates are great but change up the colours that suit your brand or edit the wording to make it clear it’s part of your brand but also seem new and exciting to users.

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