PLMR Birmingham’s PR Tips for Businesses During Covid-19

Covid-19 has undoubtedly altered the way we live, work and do business.

The way you communicate both externally and internally during this uncertain time will make a huge difference to your reputation.

Everything you do needs to be handled differently and it’s the same with your PR and Marketing.

Here are PLMR Birmingham’s five top tips for Businesses navigating Covid-19.

1. Focus your time online

During this period of lock down, it won’t be a surprise that people will be using their laptops, tablets and their smartphones even more than usual. They will be looking for information and guidance online.

Aim to use your social media platforms and your website or blog to continuously communicate and engage with your key audiences and keep their needs in mind.

Be practical though, and do not sell. Rather than posting about news that promotes your organisation – as not many people will be as receptive right now – we’d recommend you share content that addresses what is happening currently, and link it to the knowledge and expertise of your business and the people working there. For example, if you are a care provider specialising in providing care and support to older people, provide advice on how to keep vulnerable people safe during this pandemic or top tips on how they can keep busy while they self-isolate. If you are a fitness start-up, share information about how you can stay healthy and fit during this period, including workouts and recipes for people to try at home.

2. Adapt content and change your messaging

Be human. Any content you do share online and via the press, make sure it is adapted to be more in tune with the current circumstances we find ourselves in. Messaging needs to be compassionate, sympathetic and sensitive to how people are feeling right now. Think carefully about the language you use. People will be worried about their jobs, their family members and their own health. Tailor your messaging to such concerns.

3. Be creative and more proactive

Even though you will need to adjust your PR and Marketing strategy during Covid-19, there are always ways to get your voice heard. Whilst you don’t want to be seen to be taking advantage of the crisis for commercial gain, you can find ways to be creative with your communications. The media can’t fill newspapers and magazines focusing only on Covid-19, and you may not believe it, but journalists are on the look-out for other stories too. This includes light-hearted, feel-good human interest stories, thought leadership pieces and advice columns. If your business has something relevant and useful to say on the subject of Covid-19, or you are doing something positive, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with the relevant journalists. You may be pleasantly surprised.

4. Help the community

During difficult times like this, the best way you can promote your business or the services you provide is by helping people. Do what you can in the areas in which you operate, and use your expertise for good. This might involve fundraising for people working on the frontline or donating useful products for those who need it most.  Even if it’s small, this will go a long way for your brand in the post Covid-19 era.

5. Plan for the future – post Covid-19

Eventually, this pandemic will end. Now is the best time to re-think objectives and plan ahead. What do you want to achieve once the crisis is over? Try to see the opportunities rather than focusing too much on how your business has been impacted. See it as an opportunity to connect with your clients and the public in new, unexplored ways, and when this is all over you will be grateful for having taken the opportunity to discover new ways of working and thinking.

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