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Global Communications Alliance (GCA) wraps up its successful 4th Annual Global Summit in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, May 4th 2019 – The Global Communications Alliance (GCA) successfully concluded its fourth Annual Global Summit for member agencies on Thursday May 2nd and Friday May 3rd in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

This year’s summit was organised and hosted by Argentina’s Diez-Infomedia and attended by the leadership of member-firms from North and South America, the UK, Australia, Europe, Russia, Africa and South Asia.

A focal point for the event was exploring multiple aspects of crisis communications for governments and the private sector, operating under a permanent state of crisis, and crisis management in social media-influenced world. Conference attendees welcomed senior public affairs executives from several global brands who provided insight into the challenges they face.

“The Buenos Aires meeting of the Global Communications Alliance is an example of the active engagement of our growing global membership of public affairs, strategic, financial and crisis communications agencies. We continuously share and tap into the decades of experience of our GCA members, enabling us to better serve our clients in our home markets with strong local knowledge and a valuable global perspective and delivery network”, said Susan Smith, GCA Chair and Principal of Bluesky Strategy Group in Ottawa, Canada. 

The summit – the culmination of regular engagements throughout the year – concluded on a forward-looking note identifying new communications challenges that clients will face in the rapidly evolving communications landscape, and how GCA members can effectively support current and prospective clients so they can turn these challenges into successes.

About GCA

The Global Communications Alliance is a network of independently-owned corporate and public affairs agencies around the world that collaborate closely to ensure that the experience of the entire network is leveraged to benefit our clients. The GCA meets regularly, works on joint projects and helps clients overcome challenges, protecting their reputation and business interests. We are stronger together. The GCA has on-the-ground representation in Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Kenya, Netherlands, Russia, the United States and the U.K. We are a reliable partner ready to join your team. For more information visit Twitter: @GlobalCommsGCA

Susan Smith: +1 613.241.3512 x 221


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