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Covid-19 has been an immensely challenging period for many different people and for many different reasons. Parents have often been at the forefront of this, trying to balance the stresses of home working and home schooling.

PLMR is a partner of StarLine, a national parent support service established by our client Star Academies to help parents with advice and support through the Covid-19 crisis.

StarLine was launched in April 2020 and is reaching 50,000 parents per week through its telephone helpline, weekly broadcast and social media communications, helmed by expert staff including teachers, mental health experts, parenting professionals and Ofsted inspectors.

Our support for StarLine has included recruiting partners to the programme, managing the media, and securing the support of the Secretary of State for Education Gavin Williamson.

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PLMR’s crisis communications experience is second to none, and includes pre-emptive and reactive work across traditional and social media channels. We work with a range of organisations to offer critical communication support when they are faced with difficult and challenging scenarios.