Secondary School – receiving offers in 2021

This week families all over the country received secondary school offers – and what a strange offer day it was, with many children finding out they may be going to a school they have never had the chance to visit in person. Thanks to COVID-19, traditional open days had to be thrown by the wayside […]

Schools got through 2020 – together

The run up to Christmas break is what is often described as ‘silly season’ every year- everyone is tired, grumpy, resigned to a long, dark, damp winter. Staff bicker, parents complain and everyone’s sick. Then there is the run up to Christmas in the year 2020. The combined experience of chairing a trust with schools […]

Golem, Pygmalion, America and Education

As an American who grew up, in part, in Republican counties in key swing states (Pennsylvania and Florida), my Facebook newsfeed includes a lot of people from those voter battlegrounds. In 2016, I was concerned at the outpouring of Trump support across my Facebook, but optimistically hoped the polls would be right. I’ve seen the […]

The ‘hard’ is what makes education great

Everyone is always so bloody tired by the end of the school year, that’s just a given. It’s a crawl to the last day of term. But usually there’s a holiday booked, things to look forward to – the sorts of things you know will recharge your batteries and set you up for a fresh […]

Educators: you can do this

On Sunday I couldn’t sleep, so I was awake at midnight when a reminder popped up on my phone: SATs week, which would also mean GCSEs and A-levels. I lay there suddenly realising in a non-COVID-19 parallel universe, the major challenges facing school leaders during this usually stressful week would be ensuring proper exam administration, […]