Why The West Midlands Mayoral Election Is The Real Test For Labour And The Conservatives

Although Britain’s Second City, Brummies have become accustomed to the gaze of the nation regularly looking beyond the region. However, in this year’s local elections the national political focus should be fixed on the West Midlands. The outcome of this election will indicate the extent to which Labour’s ‘red wall’ has been irreparably dismantled by […]

Boris or Jeremy: Who’s best for the West Midlands?

As Conservative Party members decide whether Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt should lead their Party and the Country, we look at which candidate would be best for the West Midlands, and who is best placed to support the West Midlands in the months and years ahead. Brexit The most immediate and pressing issue facing the […]

In defence of the Oxford to Cambridge Arc

Earlier this month, in the unassuming setting of Didcot Civic Hall, representatives from across Oxfordshire quietly discussed the direction of the UK’s most ambitious regional initiative – the Oxford to Cambridge Arc, or Growth Corridor. The Arc is a locally-led – but Government supported – policy which seeks to unlock the full potential of England’s […]

A Local Snapshot: Coventry City Council

One of the West Midlands’ three principle cities, 18 of Coventry’s 54 councillors are facing election. Labour are defending 14 seats with the Conservatives hoping to retain their four. The city’s one Independent is not facing election. The Labour Party has a tight grip on the Council, currently holding 40 of the 54 seats. Power […]