The Benefits to Britain of Bezos in Space 

Today, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has successfully set off on the maiden voyage of the Blue Origin sub-orbital ship “New Shepherd”. Although not quite an era-defining, Apollo-level moment for all mankind, it certainly marks the start of what many are predicting to be an explosion in the commercial space market. Whereas once nation states duked it […]

PLMR wins PRCA prize for Kids Meals Map

Leading public affairs and digital agency PLMR was awarded the “Best Use of a Communication Tool in a Campaign” award at the 2021 PRCA Digital Awards last night, celebrating their work supporting Marcus Rashford and the Food Foundation’s fight against child food poverty. Inspired by Marcus Rashford’s campaign to extend free schools meals into the […]

How To Tell If You Have A Bad Care Home Website

Before we get into this, I completely understand. You’ve got a thousand things on, numerous pressing priorities to tend to and you have absolutely no bandwidth left for a long conversation about “mobile responsiveness” or “loading speed”. I hear you. You know your site could be better, but do you really need to invest in […]

How Burger King reigns supreme on social media

I hate you Burger King. And no, it’s not just because your paper crowns only fit on the head of the average 10 year old / digital marketing executive, depriving me of my God-given right to feel imperious while inhaling a whopper. No, it’s because your social media strategy is so, so good. Annoyingly, frustratingly, […]

Three ways Twitter can help your care business

You’ve probably already heard quite a lot about Twitter. Everyone probably keeps telling you that it’s “important” and that it’s “the future” for businesses looking to promote themselves online – but what does that actually mean; how can it be practically used for your specific care business? Twitter is infinitely useful for care home marketing, but it […]

IGTV – The New YouTube?

PLMR’s Digital Marketing Manager Alex Hackett discusses his thoughts on IGTV, is this the new YouTube?