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Creating a website and podcast series for an innovative new care provider



The Situation

Glassmoon is a small and specialist group of industry innovators, drawing upon years of diverse experience across the care, education and childcare industries. Their aim is to better people’s working lives by creating a greater understanding of how to lead change in sustainable and people-centric ways.

The team at Glassmoon approached PLMR to produce a creative new website and digital strategy for the launch of their new organisation. The site had to look nothing like anything that already exists in the care space, and provide a sleek and easy-to-navigate platform for their planned expansion into multiple different service areas over time.


What we did

Inspired by their mission and brand name, the PLMR design team got to work creating imagery and iconography that echoed the spirit of innovation encapsulated by the Apollo moon landings.

The team created a new website from scratch, using motion effects and animation to bring Glassmoon’s complex ideas to life in an eye-catching and engaging way.

PLMR also produced the first in a series of Glassmoon Podcasts, using our audio production expertise to help edit and promote the team’s recordings.

The Result

The team at Glassmoon were delighted by the new website, and have since incorporated the look and feel of the site into infographics and designed documents promoting their services across a range of service areas.

The Glassmoon Podcast launched as a Top 100 Podcast in the iTunes technology charts amassing over 1,000 listeners in its first week.

“The PLMR team have been amazing to work with. Their energy, enthusiasm and interest in what we are doing has enabled us to learn and be productive in bringing the website to fruition. The team’s willingness and ability to turn ideas and suggestions into workable solutions has been joyful. Thank you all so much.”

Carole Edmond
Founder and CEO

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