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The Situation

EDLounge is a unique and comprehensive platform that offers students who struggle with mainstream education the opportunity to access learning. This includes students that resist school, are home educated or suspended, can’t access traditional learning, are vulnerable or at risk, and those that are demotivated or disengaged.

EDLounge was originally created to deliver English, maths, and science to students who were in inclusion or excluded from school. However, in the five years that followed it had made significant developments to the system, and consequently, wanted to raise the profile of each of these and become seen as the leading virtual platform in the country.

What we did

Mango at PLMR implemented a high intensity public relations campaign, targeting trade, national and regional media. By creating a mix of high quality end-user case studies and thought leadership articles, Mango at PLMR secured coverage for EDLounge in all target media within the first seven months of the campaign.

The Result

Mango at PLMR also had unprecedented success in writing education award entries for EDLounge; the company was shortlisted as finalists in the renowned Bett Awards in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

In 2019, EDLounge was selected for a new Government funding pilot, the Flexible Learning Fund, which will invest £11.7M in adult learning.

As a result of our work to date, EDLounge has once again engaged it to use the funding win as leverage in helping it to penetrate a new target sector for it: adult learning.

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