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How PLMR Genesis helped BKR Consultants generate regular high quality leads


BKR Consultants

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The Situation

BKR consultants is a UK based consultancy firm specialising in customs clearance, customs compliance and supply chain logistics. Their expert and highly experienced team provides bespoke guidance for customs procedures, enabling businesses to improve efficiency, reduce costs and develop confidence in making informed strategic decisions within a fast-changing environment.

Every year brings new challenges, with supply chains becoming larger and more complex. Alongside additional impact presented by Brexit and the pandemic. The consultancy market is also becoming increasingly competitive, making it harder for brands to stand out. BKR needed a low cost solution to boost visibility of their custom’s advisory services, generate regular high quality leads and convert them into clients to support their business growth.

What we did

A Pay Per Click campaign was launched to target key audiences searching specifically for customs advisory services within the UK, directing users to a specific and bespoke campaign landing page. The aim of this campaign was to not only increase the number of enquiries coming through the website, but to also improve the overall quality of those leads. The campaign was monitored and optimised daily based on the trends identified.

The Result

The campaign was highly successful, securing multiple new clients for BKR and increasing revenue with a strong ROI. As a result, BKR was able to reinvest and grow its consultancy team. The optimisations and refinements process delivered an uplift in clicks by 14%, a reduction in the overall cost-per-click by 9%, an increase in goal completions by 42% and an increase in the goal conversion rate by 38%. The campaign ran for a total of 8 months and resulted in over 5.8k clicks and an average cost-per-click of £0.67. Out of the 4.8k total users for this campaign, 363 completed a key conversion action leading to an overall conversion rate of 7%.

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