38 Degrees

How PLMR helped promote local democracy with multiple hustings across the UK for a social justice organisation


38 Degrees


The Situation

38 Degrees is a mass-membership social justice organisation working to ensure that the interests and concerns of people across the UK are adequately reflected to and acted upon by the Government, with their voices heard on the issues that matter to them. When a snap General Election was called in May 2017, 38 Degrees wanted to seize on the opportunity to promote local democracy, so they approached PLMR to make sure that their members were aware of the candidates on offer in the member’s local community.

What we did

PLMR produced a series of hustings up and down the country, focusing on constituencies where the 38 Degrees membership was larger than the difference between the first and second place candidates at the last election. PLMR proposed live streaming the event using Facebook Live so as many people as possible could see the debates as they happened and contribute to the discussions real-time.

The Result

PLMR’s hustings videos were watched live by over 300,000 users, and content posted from the hustings reached an estimated 2 million individuals. The streams themselves received over 1,700 live comments and were shared by local, national and international broadcasters. For the 2017 election, 38 Degrees became a major local broadcaster, rivalling TV and radio in viewership of election content.

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