A look at Conservative Party Conference and the birth of The Business Hub

A look at Conservative Party Conference and the birth of The Business Hub

One might well have expected the 2017 Conservative Party Conference fringe guide to be dominated by Brexit however, you might be surprised to hear that this isn’t the case. Indeed only 62 events out of 363 entries, that’s just over a mere 15%, that were published last week are either specifically or broadly concerned with the UK’s future outside of the EU.

Whilst no doubt Brexit will pervade most topics of discussion it is a little surprising that this existential issue seems to have waned in the central conference discourse. Many organisations and businesses may well be fatigued with the topic or have come to perceive direct engagement with Government as the most effective course of action at this juncture.

It is, however, encouraging to see the theme of the economy in general returning to the fore with manufacturing, productivity, trade, aviation and jobs all central concerns, even the Industrial Strategy is resurgent. Mixed in with these is the theme of social mobility, equality and opportunity, perhaps in homage to Nick Timothy’s legacy. In sum the balance of this year’s Conservative Party Conference seems to be about right, promising some of the most diverse and engaging policy discussions that have been seen in recent years.

The contribution of PLMR and its clients to this landscape is wholly complimentary. Our inaugural members’ lounge which we have named, The Business Hub, and is sponsored by London City Airport, will be sited in one of the two main marquees between the Midland Hotel and Manchester Central.

Reflecting our celebration of the best of responsible business we have also partnered with The Telegraph, Costa Coffee and Vuelio in a collaboration that will make for an exciting and engaging environment in which to meet and do business. The Hub will provide a work, meeting and refreshment space for our high-level political and business clientele that includes the CEOs of the FTSE 250, journalists and political dignitaries.

The Business Hub’s morning and evening events that range from panel debates, to Q&As and receptions across aviation, the care sector, skills and Brexit also promise to be both engaging and informative with London City Airport’s Reception the jewel in the crown as part of the Conservative Party’s Business Day.

So if you would like to enjoy a Costa Coffee and Daily Telegraph in a business-orientated environment you can apply for a member’s pass here.

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