How Will Wearable Tech Affect PR?

How will wearable tech affect PR?
On the 24th April, Apple launched its first wearable tech product, the highly-anticipated ‘Apple Watch’.

On the 24th April, Apple launched its first wearable tech product, the highly-anticipated ‘Apple Watch’.

As well as incorporating features such as messages, emails, calendar and navigation (attractive prospects for the business community), there are over 3,000 apps which are currently compatible on the smartwatch, including fitness tracking and social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.


As with all Apple products, the watch is proving to be extremely desirable, with over one million pre-orders in a matter of hours. However, whether it will be as revolutionary as the iPhone or iPod, we’re yet to see.


Unsurprisingly, newspapers and magazine publishers have all raced to produce apps for the Apple Watch in the lead up to its release, designing content that can be consumed at a glance (dubbed ‘glance journalism’). In fact, the New York Times has announced that it will be releasing ‘one sentence stories’ describing them as a ‘new form of storytelling to help readers catch up in seconds’.


Other news outlets have stated that they will be focusing more on the use of high-quality photos and videos which will entice people to read the full story on their smartphone or tablet.


But what does this mean for PR? With PR agencies widening their portfolio to include graphic design, photography and video production, has good quality written editorial lost its importance?


There are already concerns that the younger generation have a much shorter attention span than their parents and, with journalists increasingly looking for new ways to reach their readers in a digital age, it will be essential for PRs to produce useable content in bite-size form, highlighting important details and key messages in a few sentences – no easy feat but one which we as PR professionals will be ready to deliver.


It’s too early to tell whether the Apple Watch will be as popular with the general public as it seems to be with high-flying business leaders and tech lovers but if it is, then we will embrace the change.

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