PLMR’s Week Ahead in Westminster: 27th March

General Election 2015 Special Edition Video Interview with Paul Oakley, the UKIP candidate for Mole Valley in Surrey

Ahead of the General Election, PLMR is speaking to candidates from across parties to find out how they’re preparing for it.

Today, Rob Comba speaks to Paul Oakley, the UKIP candidate for Mole Valley in Surrey.

We ask Paul:

Are you confident of displacing the sitting Tory MP, Sir Paul Beresford?

Paul says he’s confident of winning in May. He says many constituents aren’t happy with how he divides his time there.

What’s the difference between the Tory campaign and UKIP’s?

Paul believes the Tory party are “insipid and sick” and that UKIP supporters turn out in their droves to campaign.

How do the noted UKIP “mishaps” affect your campaign?

Paul says the media make the issue worse by focusing on a “few bad apples”.

Is your popularity directly related to Nigel Farage’s?

Paul says the party owe Nigel Farage a lot for turning the party round but the it’s now about more than just him.

What are the key issues for voters at this election?

According to Paul, it’s the economy, immigration and the UK’s membership of the EU.


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