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PLMR has today become the first agency in the UK to sign up to the Statutory Register of Consultant Lobbyists, which went live at 9am this morning.

The Lobbying Register requires all consultant lobbyists to register quarterly the name of clients for whom they have made personal representations to Ministers and Permanent Secretaries.

The definition of lobbying and scope of registerable activity is laid out in the Lobbying Act and in subsequent Guidance from the Lobbying Registrar, Alison White.

Speaking at the launch of the register , alongside Alison White, PLMR’s Deputy Managing Director, Elin Twigge, said:

“PLMR has always been an advocate for transparency across our sector and we have long subscribed to voluntary codes of conduct and willingly published who we lobby for.

Whilst we had hoped the definition of lobbying and scope of the Act would be broader, we see the launch of today’s register as a step in the right direction.

The register is very easy to navigate and we commend the Registrar and her office for the swift work to get it up and running.”

Lobbying Registrar, Alison White, said:

“I’m announcing today that after just 130 working days, the register is open for business.

The register is intended to help improve the transparency of the democratic process and allow members of the public to review whose interests are being represented by consultant lobbyists.

My role as registrar is to ensure that all those that are required to register do so. I will continue to work with consultant lobbyists across a number of sectors to make sure that they understand their statutory obligations.”

PLMR first agency to sign up to new Statutory Register of Consultant Lobbyists


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