PLMR’s Week Ahead in Westminster: 22nd August

Can Alex Salmond land a knockout blow in the next televised debate on the Scottish referendum?

PLMR’s Rob Comba is joined by YouGov’s Head of Political and Social Research, Joe Twyman and Steven Gauge, who is part of PLMR’s Media Training team. This week they look forward to the second TV debate on Scottish independence.

Did the last TV debate have any impact on polling?

Joe says there wasn’t any lasting impact. Although Alex Salmond will be hoping it’ll be different this time around because he doesn’t have long to ‘land a knockout blow’.

Historically, do people pay attention to what happens in TV debates?

Unfortunately for Salmond, Joe says Kennedy vs. Nixon was the only one that had any real impact on the outcome of an election but it’s never really happened in the UK.

So, what’s the polling like now and will it change after the next debate?

YouGov’s latest poll has No on 43% and Yes on 57% and that’s the way it’s likely to remain.

How does Alex Salmond turn it around?

Media training expert Steven says he needs to address the detail in the Yes campaign.

Is it a case of needing to get both policy and presentation right?

According to Steven, it’s about being prepared, so he knows the detail in his answers, making his presentation stronger.

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