Oscar Crowe

Account Executive

Oscar joined PLMR as an Intern, in November 2023, and has since been promoted to Account Executive within the Energy & Sustainability team. He works with clients across a range of sectors including, energy, food and drink delivering successful communications reports.

Prior to joining PLMR, Oscar graduated from the University of Leeds, gaining an undergraduate degree in BA Politics and a Masters in MSc Political Science, specialising in British politics. His dissertation centred around analysing the impact of the Brexit referendum on nationalism across the United Kingdom, with a particular focus on Northern Ireland. Following his graduation, Oscar spent several months backpacking across Central and South America before returning to spend some time volunteering for mental health charity, MIND.

In his spare time, Oscar is a huge fan of all things football, film and music and loves writing about each of these topics as part of his passion for journalism.

Service Specialisms

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