Public Affairs

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PLMR brings a range of expertise to clients, being comprised of former MPs, past Government Special Advisers, Downing Street press advisers, political party staff, national and trade journalists, campaigners and civil servants, who are regularly asked to appear on international, national and local media to give commentary, insight, and analysis on the latest political developments. […]

Public Relations

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PLMR brings a wealth of PR expertise with decades of experience in developing and promoting the aims and objectives of our clients across all forms of media and stakeholder engagement. PR is constantly evolving and currently, it is controlled by Google’s influence and real-time engagement. We get to know our clients and never lose sight […]

Media Training

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A confident interview performance that lands your key messages and connects with audiences takes preparation and skill so that you can guide the discussion and make the points you want in the right way. At PLMR we have the experience to teach you how it’s done. We will lead you through your bespoke training plan, […]

Social Media Management

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The way we communicate has changed. Traditional channels of communication, like print, radio and television remain but they’re amplified or disrupted by an ever-changing suite of online platforms with a social dimension at their heart. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Vimeo – each has their own rules of engagement and etiquette. Each offers a […]

Planning Communications

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PLMR and Snapdragon at PLMR have decades of experience helping clients to secure planning consent quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. We have expertise in a wide range of developments including housing, mixed-use, retail, renewable energy, health and social care and complex technology sector developments.  We have also helped individual landowners and consortia to secure strategic local […]

Crisis Communications

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PLMR’s crisis communications experience is second to none, and includes pre-emptive and reactive work across traditional and social media channels. We work with a range of organisations to offer critical communication support when they are faced with difficult and challenging scenarios. We have helped clients of all sizes and types to robustly and effectively defend […]

Web Development

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If the web is the new high street, your website is your shop window. The way your site looks gives an instant impression of your organisation; it is therefore vital that your site looks at its best regardless of whether it’s viewed on a phone, a PC, or a tablet. But professional web design is […]

Digital Marketing

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Organic digital marketing solutions can only go so far when approaching a crowded online marketplace. All major search engines and online hubs provide paid-for advertising spaces, either on-page or within search results, which organisations can bid for in a blind auction. As almost half of all searches end in the clicking of an online advert, […]

Video Production

Moving images are the world’s most powerful communications tool – more powerful than the written word, the spoken word, even the photograph. Films, put together the right way, tell the most memorable and persuasive stories about your business, organisation or charity. Video lets us communicate on a personal level, allowing us to show each other […]

Graphic Design

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The way your organisation presents itself to the world makes a huge difference. Having fresh, well-designed print and online artwork shows your customers and supporters that you are a modern and professional organisation that values its work. Whether you’re a new organisation looking to establish your brand identity in a crowded market, or an existing […]