China – My experience, so far

Since leaving the House of Commons, I have been focusing on education; my years as Chair of the Education Select Committee propelled me into a number interesting positions, including, of course, becoming Senior Adviser at PLMR. The big surprise to me has been the many opportunities to do business in China. With Brexit in mind, […]

Strengthening democracy in Myanmar

For many people, Myanmar is still Burma. Older readers will recall Field Marshal ‘Bill’ Slim and his Fourteenth Army during the World War Two campaigns against the Japanese in Burma; others will imagine (or enjoy) boat trips along River Irrawaddy – a main trade and transport route running north/south; but, most will think of Aung […]


With speculation of a cabinet reshuffle reaching almost fever pitch – doubtless because there is an actual vacancy caused by Damian Green’s forced departure as First Secretary of State and the consequence of the festive season creating idle minds – it is worth exploring the likely thinking behind the choices about to be made by the Prime Minister, Theresa May.


Almost the last report by the Education Select Committee when this author was still chair dealt with the implications of Brexit for the higher education sector. Of the many issues covered by the report, the future status of international students and academics loomed large and still does.