Results 2021: What Communications Challenges Can School Expect?

A typical Results Day is one of celebration. Whether it be through a Principal’s proud words or the traditional photo of students leaping for joy, clutching that all important piece of paper. Yet as with last year, this Summer’s results will certainly feel different, given the cancellation of formal examinations in schools and colleges across […]

What next for the FE Sector?

Following months of speculation, the Department for Education’s post-16 White Paper has officially been released. Promising a ‘Skills for Jobs’ agenda which will support the UK’s post-Covid recovery, bolster the government’s Net Zero commitment for 2050, and embolden the country’s post-Brexit future, the paper has been seen by many as a positive step in the […]

US Election 2020: How Trump and Biden may view the UK

In one week, the American people will go to the polls to vote in the Presidential election. That is, if they haven’t already. In this Covid-plagued year, nearly 60 million Americans have already voted. According to the U.S. Elections Project, that is more than 43% of the total number of voters from 2016. Therefore, even […]

How can we Reshape the Public Sector post-Covid?

We are all facing a new normal. Whether it is the way we meet friends and family, complete our workdays or access public services, the coronavirus pandemic has redrawn the parameters of our day-to-day lives. In the private sector, the unprecedented scale of the furlough scheme and a subsequent need for redundancies has caused immense […]