What we learned from Boris Johnson’s UN Roundtable appearance

On 24 September, Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke at the UN’s Climate Action roundtable, at which he announced that the UK’s greenhouse gases were 8-10% down in 2020 on previous years but added that there had been an “appalling economic” cost to this achievement. He reiterated the government’s pledge to “build back bolder, better and […]

Will Boris Johnson’s blame game backfire?

Speaking during a visit to Goole in Yorkshire, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said his government discovered that “too many care homes didn’t really follow the procedures in the way they could have” during the Covid-19 pandemic. Naturally, Johnson’s comments sparked outrage amongst sector leaders and those on the frontline, with Nadra Ahmed, the chairwoman of […]

Immigration reform: radical or irresponsible?

On 19 February, the Home Secretary, Priti Patel, announced the Government’s ‘radical’ plans to shake up the immigration system once the Brexit transition period is over. Effective January 1st 2021, freedom of movement will be replaced with a points-based system which will allocate points to ‘hopefuls’ based on skills, salary and English language proficiency, with […]

The Environment Bill: opportunity or illusion?

Earlier this month, the Government introduced its “landmark” Environment Bill, a Bill that Defra claim will ensure the UK “maintains and improves” the country’s environmental protections post-Brexit (or as the Government’s official response to the Environmental Audit Committee said “as we leave the UK” – see page 3!). Yet leaked reports unveiled by the Financial […]

Social care is a footnote in Johnson’s Government

In his maiden speech, the newly elected Prime Minister Boris Johnson told the public his Government “will fix the crisis on social care once and for all.” Other promises of “better education” here and “fantastic new road and rail infrastructure” there were thrown into the mix – an ambitious speech for a man whose ultimate […]