Ensuring a quality education for SEND pupils through Covid-19 and beyond

Lockdown learning has been incredibly tough for young people everywhere, yet for the 1.3 million children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) in England, this period has posed unique challenges and magnified the ever-increasing attainment gap between mainstream and non-mainstream learners. With new reports that one in five pupils with special educational needs have […]

Three ways that education will change post-Covid-19

The Prime Minister recently gave his address to the nation outlining steps to tentatively ease the partial lockdown, with new guidance on how schools might begin to reopen. The proposed plan includes primary schools reopening in June as a priority, with secondary schools following later in a phased approach. However, there has been much debate […]

How can we support teachers with their mental wellbeing?

As the partial lockdown continues in the UK, many of us are now slowly adapting to the new normal of working and learning from home. There is no doubt that schools, parents, students and edtech providers have demonstrated great resilience and togetherness during these unusual times, especially the teachers who have been working hard to […]