Scottish Elections: What do the results mean for Indy Ref 2?

The SNP have failed to win a majority, but how much of a blow is that to the party, and to the argument for Scottish Independence? The answer is, not much. Winning a majority in the Scottish Parliament is almost impossible to achieve by design. The voting system was engineered specifically to prevent majority Governments […]

Coming to Scotland is a bad idea, Boris.

By travelling to Scotland tomorrow, Boris Johnson risks undermining his own public health advice, and handing the SNP another weapon against him in the fight for Scottish independence. Stay at home. Protect the NHS. Save Lives. This is the refrain repeated at the end of every coronavirus press conference delivered by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. […]

We need to talk about Douglas Ross

The Scottish Conservatives have pinned the future of its party on a little-known MP named Douglas Ross. The part-time football linesman and MP for Moray was named as the Scottish Tories’ new leader following the controversial resignation (or ousting depending on which political commentator you believe) of Jackson Carlaw. It is hoped that Ross can […]

Covid-19 Communications Tips

As the number of coronavirus cases in the UK rise, and Government puts in place contingency plans to help safeguard the country, businesses are increasingly facing questions about their own preparedness from their clients, stakeholders and the media. PLMR sets out its top tips for businesses to help them effectively communicate their work to protect […]

Brexit and the Good Friday Agreement: A Barrier to Peace

Today is the 21st Anniversary of The Good Friday Agreement (GFA), when politicians from eight political parties in Northern Ireland met with representatives from the British and Irish Governments, to finally put an end to decades of bloodshed and fear. Each year, when the anniversary of its signing comes around, there is a collective recognition […]

The steady decline of Scottish Labour

“If you pin a Labour rosette to a donkey, there’s a 90% chance they’ll be elected in Scotland”. This was the once popular phrase repeated across the UK to illustrate the dominance of Labour in Scotland. Today, the story is very different. Scottish Labour seems to be tearing itself apart at the seams, and Richard Leonard’s recent reshuffle may be a sign of more trouble to come.

A Brexit Showdown

The Scottish Government is today going head to head with the UK Government in the Supreme Court in a row over Holyrood’s right to legislate for the aftermath of Brexit. PLMR Scotland’s Emma Divers explains how we got this far, and what the outcomes could be.