Young People’s Transition (Essex County Council)

How PLMR Genesis helped Essex County Council raise awareness of mental health around exam results days and education transition periods


Young People’s Transition (Essex County Council)

Services provided

The Situation

The Young People’s Transition supports young people with the information needed to access mental health services if they need help throughout education transition points.

PLMR Genesis was approached by the Young People’s Mental Health Education Transition team to support students throughout education transition points. The purpose of the campaign was to raise awareness of mental health around exam results days and education transition periods and to provide young people with advice and information on where to find mental health support if they need it.

What we did

To deliver an effective campaign, the PLMR Genesis team developed two sub-campaigns personalised to the 15-16 and 17-18 age group audiences. An important aspect of the campaign was to not only generate awareness but facilitate engagement by young people so Instagram and TikTok were the chosen platforms. The campaigns utilised ‘push’ advertising strategies to directly reach and engage with the 15-18 demographic for pre-results day and post-results to support young individuals throughout the full education transition period.

The Result

The Young People’s Transition Mental Health Campaign originally ran across two different platforms; TikTok and Instagram. Within these platforms, the campaign ran on three placements; TikTok’s ‘For You’ page/feed, Instagram Feed, and Instagram stories. Throughout the six week campaign, the ads generated 1,483,195 impressions, 743,774 video plays and a reach of 135,716, with 2,985 total clicks.

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