Wherstead Park

How PLMR Genesis helped deliver sufficient ticket sales for Wherstead Park

The Situation

Throughout the summer season, Wherstead Park hosted a multitude of events. The primary objective of the campaign was to increase awareness of the venue and ultimately increase ticket sales for individual events, directing users to the landing pages to purchase event tickets on EventBrite to complete a purchase. Targeting strategies were meticulously tailored to the local demographic, leveraging specific interest-based parameters corresponding to each event. 

Among these events, the King’s Coronation Best Of British Concert Event was hosted at Wherstead Park faced a challenge with insufficient ticket sales, jeopardising its profitability merely a week before the scheduled date. In response, Wherstead Park sought the expertise of the PLMR Genesis team to devise a strategic solution aimed at rapidly increasing ticket sales within this constrained timeframe. 

What we did

Our team reviewed their current Meta ads (Facebook & Instagram) setup that wasn’t generating sufficient ticket sales. Recognising the need for immediate action, we strategically paused the underperforming ad, reallocating the remaining budget towards the development of two distinct campaigns which consisted of strategic asset amends with urgent call to actions and the accompanying copy was strategically designed to impel the audience towards swift ticket purchases. Aswell, as introducing an incentive of a 20% discount offer, agreed upon with the client, further encouraging ticket sales. 

The Result

Ticket sales dramatically increased through two refreshed Meta campaigns. Overall, the week-long campaign generated 527 link clicks, 52,828 impressions, and an average click-through rate of 2.76%. 

The further impact of these campaigns was reflected in the substantial turnout, culminating in a total attendance of 379 individuals at the event. Notably, the strategic execution of the Meta campaigns also contributed to the sale of higher-priced ticket tiers, including priority access and the exclusive ‘Golden Crown VIP Tickets.’ This success underscores the efficacy of the campaigns in not only increasing attendance but also driving sales of premium ticket offerings, thereby enhancing the overall event experience for both attendees and the host venue.

 The King’s Coronation was one of sixteen ads within the campaign, overall, the summer campaign generated 1,018,312 impressions and 10,060 clicks, with a media spend of £2,400,49.

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