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TR Property Investment Trust

How Snapdragon at PLMR found a planning solution that locals and the client were happy with


TR Property Investment Trust

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The Situation

TR Property Investment Trust were looking to deliver a comprehensive redevelopment of the site adjacent to Wandsworth Town railway station. It is occupied with 16 dilapidated warehouse industrial units which are not designed for modern occupation.

The proposals for the site sought to deliver increased and enhanced employment space, new homes and the opening and enlarging of the public square in front of the station. Given the site’s location between the residential Old York Road area, and the consented Homebase development on the other side of the railway line, the were significant tensions in the local community regarding building heights.

What we did

Snapdragon was appointed to deliver a pre-application programme of community consultation that would help to shape the proposals in a clear, consistent and widely communicated manner. We would seek to set up meetings at an early stage with the relevant community groups, and continue engagement culminating in a public exhibition.

In total, four meetings with residents’ groups, The Wandsworth Society and Wandsworth councillors were held. Additionally a public exhibition was also held, with over 1,200 members of the public invited to attend.

The discussions held with stakeholders about the project have helped to form amendments to the scheme that were included as part of the final planning application.  The main focus of these changes is the alteration in design of Building D closest to the public square, which finally included façade details more attune to the character of Old York Road.

The Result

The plans were approved by the London Borough of Wandsworth Planning Applications Committee in November 2019, with officers and members praising the work of Snapdragon in engaging with the local community on the plans.

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