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How PLMR Genesis helped Essex Shared Lives improve the perception and awareness by residents in Essex


Essex Shared Lives


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The Situation

Shared Lives is a UK-wide scheme helping eligible adults, mostly with autism and/or learning disabilities, to find a safe and inclusive home environment and build the self-confidence to become more independent. The regional scheme for Essex, Essex Shared Lives, scheme is based within Essex County Council. The scheme matches eligible adults with Essex Shared Lives Hosts, who are willing and suited to opening their hearts and homes to an adult who requires additional support.

Essex Shared Lives approached PLMR Genesis to deliver a digital advertising campaign to improve the perception and awareness of Essex Shared Lives by residents of Essex, and ultimately recruit individuals to become Shared Lives Host. By successfully gaining new recruits, the Essex Shared Lives service could be expanded to more eligible adults. Essex Shared Lives had the goal of recruiting a minimum of 25 new hosts by the end of March 2023.

What we did

Through advanced demographic targeting, PLMR Genesis implemented engaging and emotive ads via Meta (Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger) and Google Display advertising. Adverts were delivered to two main audiences: Essex residents with altruistic/virtuous values and those considering or currently in a career in care. The message portrayed in both the creative assets (still and video) and ad messaging where particularly important in this campaign, utilising social proof and showcasing the personal value of the role on existing Shared Lives Hosts as well as the diversity of hosts and families in the region. As the campaign progressed and external social factors (such as the cost-of-living) were having an impact on the performance, we looked at how revised messaging could help engage with individuals and achieve the required objective.

The Result

From the launch of the campaign in July 2022 until January 2023, the campaign has exceeded expectations with 29 qualified applications and the Essex Shared Lives Team on target to fulfil the goal of 25 new hosts by March 2023. Moreover, the campaign generated over 1.5 million impressions and over 39k clicks direct to a personalised Essex Shared Lives host landing page.

“The recruitment of carers for ASC under the current socio-economic climate has proven to be one the biggest challenges Social Care and Shared Lives faced throughout the past few years. Despite all of that, Essex Shared Lives executed its OASIS plan successfully with the expertise of PLMR Genesis and the human touch of the Digital Team always watching the progress and performance of the campaign closely, to address the right optimisations when needed.”

Guilherme Lino, Recruitment and Communications Officer – Shared Lives Recruitment Campaign Supplied in February 2023

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