ECL Sensory (Essex County Council)

How PLMR Genesis helped Essex County Council raise awareness of the Essex Sensory Community partnership and the services it offers


ECL Sensory (Essex County Council)

Services provided

The Situation

The Essex Sensory Community is an organisation delivering services on behalf of Essex County Council. The purpose of the group is to ensure the fulfilment, delivery and implementation of the Vision for Sensory Services.

In July 2021, ECL came to PLMR Genesis looking to raise awareness of the Essex Sensory Community (ESC) partnership and the services it offers to people in Essex living with sight and/or hearing loss or impairment. The campaign aims were to raise awareness of the organisation and the services it offers through seven charity partners, increase referrals to the programme, and reach more people in Essex (and their friends/family) with sight, hearing and dual sensory loss.

What we did

Alongside the organic social media, PLMR Genesis also delivered a targeted advertising campaign on Facebook using a mix of graphics and video content to reach the campaign’s target audiences. Facebook was identified as the primary platform for reaching and engaging with a broad target audience. The ads combined a mixture of emotive messaging and creatives with good news stories from people who have used the services, as well as informative messaging telling users where they can go for help, support and advice.

The Result

A targeted Facebook advertising campaign was initially launched for six weeks from 12th July. The video, ‘This Community Can’ graphics and Leah’s case study were all used in the advertising. We recognised that Leah’s case study was performing the best, so the budget was reproportioned mid-way through the campaign to ensure maximum results.

Within the first six weeks, the campaign generated 352,430 impressions, 86,054 unique reach, and 2,384 click-throughs to the ECL Sensory Services website landing page. Due to its success and some remaining campaign budget, the Facebook campaign was extended for a further six weeks from 25th August, with a focus on Leah’s case study again (due to its popularity) and a new message for Essex businesses/workplaces. This extended campaign achieved 333,690 impressions, 80,718 unique reach, and 1,998 clicks.

In total through both campaigns, the Facebook advertising reached over 160,000 individuals in Essex, and the adverts were seen almost 700,000 times. There were 4,382 total clicks to the website (ECL Sensory Service landing page).

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