County Broadband (Sudbury 2021)

How PLMR Genesis helped County Broadband promote the launch of its full-fibre network


County Broadband (Sudbury 2021)

Services provided

The Situation

County Broadband is an independent provider of full fibre wireless broadband across the East of England. Their mission is to to ensure rural villages and market towns can access broadband that’s future-ready, and empowering the region to be ‘truly digital’. County Broadband have invested over over £146 million to bring full fibre broadband networks to more than 500,000 homes across Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk, and Suffolk by 2027.

County Broadband wanted to promote the launch of its full-fibre network with a targeted digital advertising campaign in Sudbury, Suffolk, encouraging audiences to express interest and sign up to its services.

What we did

To facilitate the location targeting required for the campaign to be successful, digital advertising was employed with a geofence surrounding the village. The campaign was active for two months during a critical period in assessing interest in the service. The Sudbury campaign utilised paid social media and PPC (search & display) and alongside a dedicated microsite to reach key audiences in the area. Combining search terms related to both general ISPs such as “broadband packages” with more specialised terms including “broadband for online gaming/streaming” enabled the campaign to reach audiences with varying levels of knowledge regarding the subject matter.

The Result

Across all platforms, the Sudbury campaign generated more than 250 conversions for County Broadband with a spend of just over £3,000 – this delivered an estimated ROI of 1,654% and a potential return of £200,000+ in revenue. The wider brand-building element of the campaign was also highly successful, with a further 55 enquiries occurring through organic search for branded search terms.

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