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How PLMR Genesis supported County Broadband to generate leads and sales through strategic Meta advertising


County Broadband

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The Situation

Rural internet service provider County Broadband wanted to generate leads and sales for its full fibre broadband service across village and market towns in Essex, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk. In an increasingly competitive market, County Broadband needed to increase their customer base to secure further private investment to drive their ambitious growth plans.

What we did

PLMR Genesis implemented a strategic ongoing ‘Always On’ Meta advertising campaign, leveraging geofenced targeting in specific villages across the priority counties. The campaign was split into 3 stages with each targeting different prospects with tailored messaging and creatives to align with their stage in the customer journey. Engaging creatives and informative messaging was utilised in stage one to educate users about County Broadband’s USPs and the benefits of their full fibre broadband service. In stage 2, the campaign was adapted to provide more in-depth information about the full range of services, pricing and offers, technical aspects and seamless digital experience. Stage 3 focused on converting interest into action (registration of interest/orders) through persuasive creatives and compelling messaging/CTAs. Continuous A/B testing was applied throughout, and the data was carefully analysed to optimise the campaign to drive performance over time. The campaign was fully integrated with County Broadband’s wider marketing and sales activity.

The Result

During a 10-month period, across each stage, the campaign generated 13.8million impressions and 104k link clicks, with an average cost-per-click of £0.49. Over 700 conversions were generated with a media spend of just over £52,000 – this delivered an estimated ROI of 1086% and a potential return of £620,000+ in revenue.

The digital advertising campaign was instrumental in increasing County Broadband’s customer base and revenue whilst driving their growth plans. Following the success of this campaign, the provider is now incorporating digital advertising across their marketing activity and moving away from traditional offline channels.

Platforms: Meta (Facebook & Instagram).

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