What do the key parties think on energy policy?

Jade Pallister

Account Director

Party manifestos signal where a political party is in a point in time to appeal to voters. However, the content can be a useful indicator of the future positions of the party on key issues.

Even if Labour win a majority, Conservatives, Liberal Democrats, and Green Party members will play an important part in government. They will vote on Bills in the House, sit on Committees and APPGs, and are able to hold the government accountable – including by making amendments to primary legislation. They will also shape the political discourse, and therefore the environment that a government operates in.

While much can be made of the key differences between parties, there are also many similarities and areas of synergy. These can give some indication on areas which may result in consensus – where legislation can be passed quickly – as well as where conflict may arise in a new Parliament.

This is particularly true when thinking about the proposal from Labour for an Energy Independence Act.

If Labour wins, and wants to pass this quickly, it may well require cross-party support and consensus in the House of Commons – although these factors are reduced if there is a large majority.

Nonetheless, manifestos are also helpful to see where the parties sit on key issues and who could become advocates of particular policy. PLMR has analysed the major party manifestos released to date.

Overall, they show some key learnings:

  • That there may be significant mandate for energy reform, with Labour, Liberal Democrats and Greens pointing to the need for widescale reform
  • The potential areas of conflict, including over speed, timings, and investment into net zero
  • The greater role of local authorities in delivering government priorities, especially on heating and community energy

Download PLMR’s full analysis.

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