5 lessons I’ve learnt about event management

5 Things I've Learnt About Event Management

Sophie King

Account Executive - PLMR Genesis

There’s no denying that working on an event is a varied undertaking. Event management is broad. It’s not as simple as having good planning skills – although that definitely helps.

I’ve had great fun finding my feet on the event account I’m working on, navigating my way through the highs and hurdles. Here’s what you need to know:

Marketing matters

Getting your brand’s message out there is important from the get-go – it’s difficult to pitch an event when there’s no personality, no story behind it. Learn how your brand talks, what it sounds like, and apply that voice to every external message you write.

I’ve used email newsletters and broadcasts to deliver important information to audience groups all at once, and these well-timed prompts can work wonders for boosting ticket sales and driving anticipation. It’s about getting key information and messaging to those who are already invested.

If your event is sponsored by other businesses, get them involved – ask them to send you video or graphics content, or provide some copy for your publications. You can also provide them branded graphics and logos to use themselves. It’s a win-win for both parties – more coverage for you, and more for your sponsors.

Social media is our friend

Social media Can be a great way to connect to your audience. It’s how you engage with the people who are coming to the event, or convince those who are thinking about it. It’s how you build excitement and suspense, and how you gain an audience – both online and on the night.

Communities exist online as well as in real life, and if you tap into that sense of togetherness, you can really build rapport between the brand and your target audience.

Another great idea is to use a live feed on the night – post updates live from the front seat, giving your virtual audience the chance to be involved.

Time management is key

While this is an obvious strength for every area of PR, I’ve found it vital when it comes to event management. Deadlines exist at every turn, from print sign-offs to ordering in decorations for the event itself. You’ll always have your finger in more than one pie, so multi-tasking is essential.

When an event date is fixed, there are no extensions and little in the way of extra wriggle room. On the account I’m working on, we use time management software to track our progress as a team – and I don’t know where we’d be without it!

Keep a diary by your side throughout the process, ensuring you’re up to speed with key dates and deadlines so nothing slips by.

Maintain stakeholder relationships

When everyone involved in the project is happy, the process flows a lot more smoothly. Keeping in touch with key stakeholders encourages easier liaison when it’s needed, and generally makes the experience a lot more personable.

Putting publication materials together and organising print for sign-off often involves a lot of liaising between contacts, so it’s important to be on the ball when it comes to managing how quickly you respond to your inbox.

There’s no such thing as ‘finicky’

Having previously worked as a magazine writer, I know how a keen eye can change the whole story in front of you. One mistake and you could be sending a different message altogether. This same attention to detail has been more important than ever since I’ve worked on an event management account. One mistake could impact someone’s experience or impression of your organisation and the event, so you’d better double-check everything and have a critical friend do the same.

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