Raising the profile of an event and creating a media buzz

Robert Milne

Account Director - Advent

One of the most enjoyable elements of working in PR – and particularly PLMR Advent – is getting to attend a whole host of events that enhance our knowledge of the region we operate in and some of the industries we support.

More often than not, we’re not there to enjoy ourselves but to make sure we raise the profile of the conference on behalf of our client and to generate a real buzz in the room.

We work closely with organisers to understand their requirements, what they are hoping to achieve and ultimately get eyeballs on their event through a wide range of channels.

We recently launched a new events media and PR service for event organisers – which includes the PLMR Advent Media Hub, where we set-up on site and cover the event.

The PLMR Advent Media Hub debuted at two events, one for a regional business audience and one for a specific trade audience in the property/legal sector.

Press releases are still the essential foundation to kick-start the campaign for an event.

The opening press release sets the agenda and can be used as a springboard for a range of other activity, including generating all important media coverage.

It is vital to make life as a simple as possible for a journalist in an increasingly challenging media environment by writing news-driven, concise, and high-quality copy which can easily be used by a wide range of media.

If you can tell the right story and identify a news hook, you can encourage media to attend events, particularly in broadcast – and not only does that result in great coverage it brings an added element to the conference itself.

This nose for news resulted in key trade media and regional broadcast media attending the aforementioned events, reporting on the event and interviewing delegates for their views.

But equally as important is the content that is generated on the day for the event organiser’s own channels.

Our event and media PR service includes a pre-event press release, pre-event blog, social media management on the day, post-event press release and a wide range of multimedia content generated at the PLMR Advent Media Hub on-site during the event.

This content can create a lasting legacy for an event and be invaluable marketing collateral for promoting future conferences and exhibitions.

In the media interview area, we carry out a range of interviews with speakers and delegates, which are utilised for social media and to create a video highlights package of the event.

Delegates will also benefit from seeing a professional photographer roaming the room and capturing high-quality event images to document the event.

This activity provides an identifiable media presence on the day and adds a little something extra for delegates, and when coupled with media coverage gained in key media outlets can significantly raise the profile of an event.

If you would like more details on the service and the PLMR Advent Media Hub contact rmilne@advent-communications.co.uk and lcorden@advent-communications.co.uk. Call 02476 633 636.

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