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Elon, Twitter, Dogecoin… oh my!

Cyrus Dordi

Digital Executive (Technical Developer)

It is the 4th of April at the time of writing this, don’t worry I checked thrice.

Elon Musk, over what seemed to be a joke in itself, tweeted a meme last night depicting the Twitter logo as the “old logo” and the Dogecoin logo as the new one.

Snapshot of Elon Musk’s Twitter, a tweet implying Twitter logo is being replaced by Dogecoin’s

It was admittedly pretty funny as a “what if” situation, the possibility of Elon trying to use this as a means to take over the world seems closer than ever, until that very world checked Twitter and was greeted by a picture of the internet’s favourite Shibe sitting comfortably in the top-left corner of Twitter. The recognisable, our favourite, the mountain bluebird logo has now become the new doghouse of Dogecoin. 


There are a lot of mixed opinions revolving around the interesting choice that the electronics emperor has made since coining Twitter Inc. Despite the few hours passing, there is some speculation that the reputation of Twitter could drop significantly if similar events take place, as it damages the integrity and legitimacy of the brand with time. Here is what I think.

I agree with this in one way as companies never change their brand this much even jokingly, the process is generally serious and could open up an attack vector for doppelganger applications – if Twitter hypothetically does this often and a user unknowingly installs a virus, it could mask itself as the real Twitter without trying very hard. Food for thought there. 

On the other side, I also disagree – this is only present on, whereas remains unaffected by this, which leads me to believe Elon Musk refuses to push any further or go overboard. There are a lot of aspects to life that appear too stressful, so taking our time to enjoy a gag and making jokes from it can bring life to the work and social environment you may visit every day. 

What do you think? Could this be a steppingstone to Twitter’s downfall, or are we too concerned about the seriousness of branding and should also have some fun? Speculate with me. 

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