PLMR Genesis reacts to John Lewis’ 2022 Christmas advert


Ally Horridge

Digital Account Manager - PLMR Genesis

Many people say that Christmas has arrived once the Coca-Cola advert comes on our screens, but there’s another advert which most of the nation wait for with excited anticipation every year – the John Lewis Christmas advert. It’s no surprise the advert received over 2 million views on YouTube alone in the first 24 hours, because they’ve smashed it once again.

This year, John Lewis has taken a different approach to its Christmas ad, an approach we think other businesses should take note of. Instead of taking 1-2 minutes to promote this year’s luxurious product range, it has taken the opportunity to bring an emotive story to life while relating to the whole UK market, and not necessarily its usual market.

With the nation going through a cost-of-living crisis, and still feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, instead of expressing affection to loved ones with gifts, many people will feel that quality time spent with friends and family is the best gift of all this Christmas. And that’s exactly what John Lewis has expressed in their heart-warming advert.

Not only has the advert has expertly brought the nation’s attention on John Lewis (once again) with excellent advertising, it has appealed to the hearts of many around the country, including with an brilliant Blink 182 cover as a really clever way to tap into nostalgia for the millennial audience.

Of course, the news of the advert being released meant that we all gathered around a screen in the office to watch it together and after watching the moving ad, we all started sharing our thoughts on it. Matt Stott, Account Manager shared “Pulling on the heartstrings with a twin tale of never giving up and opening your home to a vulnerable child in need, the new John Lewis Christmas advert is a welcome return to traditional form.

“Examining it further, it’s a simple message that will resonate with families and individuals nationwide – trying something new and testing yourself to please a loved one. It feels homely and festive and sets the right tone for advertisers and communications to follow for Christmas 2022. There is no clean up in aisle five required this year.”

Chloe Shelcott, Senior Account Manager agreed, adding “This advert feels particularly in tune with the spirit of the nation at the moment – honouring humble family values and togetherness at Christmas time. Amid the cost-of-living crisis and many people facing challenges this season, it’s nice to see an advert that hits the right Christmas feeling, focusing on people rather than products, instead of the usual budget-breaking blockbuster ads.”

Laura Holland, Digital Account Executive also shared her views on the ad “It is heart-warming to see that John Lewis has gone for an authentic message this year, with a purpose beyond sales. It’s not your typical Christmas ad, but I think that is what is so great about it! It wants to use its platform to support its partnerships, bringing home the message of what Christmas is all about. I hope the advert results in donations and support for those in and from care!”

Laura Deakin, Senior Digital Account Manager, commented: “With an ongoing sea of commercialised Christmas icons – we’re looking at your Kevin the Carrot, Dawn French’s Fairy Godmother, and Lidl bear – it’s refreshing to see John Lewis go back to basics with this sentiment-driven advertisement.

“In a world where anything perceived as fakery can be easily called out on corporate social channels, authenticity is a key element for modern advertising – both across TV and digital – to secure consumer loyalty and trust in your brand, products, and/or services. By seeking advice from Action for Children and Who Cares? Scotland, John Lewis hits the nail on the head here, using their vast platform to raise awareness of those living in care.”

At PLMR Genesis, we highly recommend developing authentic communications and marketing campaigns that truly showcase the values of your brand. We expect this advert to do particularly well on social platforms, which is ripe for emotionally-charged campaigns, and as John Lewis always do, lead the way for a return to back-to-basic Christmas campaigns in 2022.

What are your thoughts on the long-awaited John Lewis Christmas advert? If this isn’t your favourite festive ad so far, which one is and why?

If you haven’t already, we highly recommend watching the John Lewis advert.

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