Build your social media engagement with three key techniques

Social media has easily become the largest source of content for pretty much anyone. It’s where people go to watch videos of cute fluffy animals, post pictures of what they had for dinner, or stay up to date with what’s happening in the news around the world.

It doesn’t stop there though; social media is a great tool for businesses to utilise as a way to shout about products and services whilst increasing brand awareness and supporting business goals.

Sometimes it can be tricky to make sure your pages are getting the engagement you want, but through the use of some crafty techniques and really creative content, you’ll soon see an increase in following across your social media pages, and get more people interacting with your posts.

The three C’s

It is vital to plan your content ahead of time. By setting some time aside each week to sit down and work out the content for the weeks ahead, you will be able to stay ahead of the game, knowing that you have regular content being posted to your profiles.

The schedule you create should have a good mix of content. The ‘three C’s’ are a good start to get you thinking:

  • Curated – what’s being spoken about in the news on your industry? Is there any new legislation being announced? Are there any ‘hot-topics’ at the moment around one of your services? Find news items which are relevant to your company and draft posts that show that you are keeping up with the changing times.
  • Created – creating your own content is a great way to show off the knowledge and skills that you and your colleagues can offer. Create blog posts with insights and recommendations, news items which shout about a recent project, or case studies with testimonials from your clients. Sharing this content on social media will not only increase engagement, but drive people to your website too.
  • Commercial – this is your chance to really shout about your products and services. Create some eye-catching graphics or gather some neat photography to really support what you’re promoting.

Get engaged

Engaging on social media is a two-way street. Once you’ve got your schedule planned and your creative posts start to be posted to your profiles, you may just sit back and watch the likes and comments come through, but it doesn’t stop there.

To keep the momentum going and improve on the engagement you are getting on your pages, you need to ensure you are engaging with your key stakeholders and followers. Like their posts, comment on what they’re sharing, or even share their content to your own page. This will then encourage them to return the favour and start to engage with your profile on a more regular basis.

Reporting and analysis

We cannot stress to you how important reporting and analysing your content is. If you’re not analysing your content, how do you know what’s working and what needs improving?

All social media platforms have their own analysing capabilities, allowing you to review things like follower growth, post engagement, post reach, and so much more.

By utilising this key software, you can really investigate which posts have performed well so that you can continue with a similar style or theme in the future, and which posts didn’t quite get the audience engaged, so you know to perhaps explore a different content option for the future.

We suggest reporting monthly, or quarterly if there isn’t as much time, so that you can really drill down on the numbers and see how your pages are performing.

There are endless ways that you can increase engagement to your social media and we know that it can often be time-consuming. Still, our team at PLMR Genesis has a proven track record of supporting clients to improve social media engagement and outcomes.

Contact the team to see how we can make improvements to your channels.

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