PLMR sponsors Honourable Misfits book launch

Simon Darby

Director - Head of Public Affairs

Last night, PLMR sponsored and helped to organise the launch for Marie Le Conte’s new book, Honourable Misfits, which took place at the Tamesis Dock across the river from Westminster.

Honourable Misfits, published on 22 July, is a brief history and pen portraits of the most eccentric MPs the House of Commons has seen in the last 700 years.

Honourable Misfits, by Marie Le Conte, explores the fascinating past of British MPs

Its author, Marie le Conte, is a journalist who was a political diarist at the Evening Standard, then media and politics correspondent at Buzzfeed. Since leaving BuzzFeed in 2017, Marie – whose connections span the political spectrum – has written for the New Statesman, Prospect, the Sunday Times, the Guardian and others, and has appeared on the Today programme, Newsnight, BBC News, Daily Politics, Any Questions, and many others. Her reporting has been cited in the House of Lords, and she was named one of Forbes Europe’s 30 Under 30 in 2018. She also regularly appears on panels, and has spoken at events at Chatham House, the House of Commons, Sciences Po Paris and the Committee of the Regions in Brussels.

Marie Le Conte’s book launch for Honourable Misfits was sponsored by PLMR at a successful event last night

At the start of the evening, Simon Darby and Abby Tomlinson spoke on behalf of the company in front of guests, with Simon speaking about what PLMR do and why we sponsored the event and with Abby introducing Marie as one of the most insightful writers in Westminster.

Feedback from attendees and Marie herself was that the event was a roaring success! There were lots of notable individuals that showed up, including one of the lead actors from The Thick of It. It was very popular on a night when several Westminster parties were also taking place, with us having to move people downstairs as the outside part of the boat was getting too busy.

Honourable Misfits book launch, sponsored by PLMR at Tamesis Dock
A packed event, launching Honourable Misfits, by Marie Le Conte

All in all it was a lovely evening with the great and good of Westminster, and PLMR are proud to have been the sponsor.

Some of the most notable attendees of the event included:

  • Minister of State Guy Opperman
  • Minister of State Matt Warman
  • Labour MP Charlotte Nichols
  • CityAM Editor Andy Silvester
  • Sadiq Khan advisor Chris McQuiggin
  • Economist Correspondent Duncan Weldon
  • Politico Reporter Esther Webber
  • Actor/Comedian Chris Addison
  • Actress/Comedian Ingrid Oliver
  • Labour Advisor Joe Moore
  • Labour Frontbencher Bridget Phillipson
  • Deputy London Mayor Tom Copley
  • Journalist Grant Tucker
  • Mirror Journalist Mikey Smith
  • Labour Adviser Nicola Bartlett
  • Special Adviser Oliver Legard
  • Telegraph Journalist Ben Gartside
  • Times Radio Political Correspondent Charlotte Ivers
  • Times Radio Host and Evening Standard Columnist Ayesha Hazarika
  • Spectator Journalist James Heale
  • Guardian Editor Jim Waterson
  • Journalist Jess Brammar
  • News Statesman Political Correspondent Ailbhe Rea
  • UK Music CEO Jamie Njoku Goodwin
  • Spectator Deputy Political Editor Katy Balls
  • Spectator Economics Correspondent Kate Andrews

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