PLMR bucks industry slowdown to achieve highest ever global ranking

Another successful year of growth sees PLMR climb to its highest ever position on the list of world’s Top 250 PR companies. PLMR Ltd has defied a broader industry slowdown to climb 11 places in the internationally internationally-recognised Global Top 250 PR Agency Rankings, produced by the Holmes Report. The Westminster based agency has risen to […]

Animation in Political Campaigning

Last week Greenpeace released a 3D animated video focused on the UKs export of plastics to other countries. The video has a sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek tone but delivers a powerful and thought-provoking message. Animations allow campaigns to convey messages and stories that would not be possible through talking head interviews or other live action filming. They can […]

Results 2021: What Communications Challenges Can School Expect?

A typical Results Day is one of celebration. Whether it be through a Principal’s proud words or the traditional photo of students leaping for joy, clutching that all important piece of paper. Yet as with last year, this Summer’s results will certainly feel different, given the cancellation of formal examinations in schools and colleges across […]