Staying ahead of the game with our investment in learning

Matt Stott

Account Manager - PLMR Genesis

The last 12 months have been a maelstrom. As a digital PR agency, we’ve been agile in helping our clients and others respond to the pandemic by providing new strategies, empathetic messaging, online solutions, innovative services, vital media coverage – or even just a (virtual) shoulder to cry on.

And throughout all that, our commitment to professional and personal development at Genesis has been a compass to help guide us during these turbulent times.

But in many ways, it’s done more than simply guide us. It’s underpinned, strengthened, and diversified everything we can possibly do within the sphere of digital PR and marketing to support our clients – to make them more resilient, flexible, and competitive. That’s why our continuous professional development is such a high priority for us – it’s a win-win.

This commitment to self-improvement and forever seeking new and better ways of doing things and achieving better results is embedded in our culture – even before Covid struck. That’s why the switch to remote working included a smooth transition to remote learning. It was already in our DNA.

As members of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR), we’ve continued to hold lunchtime CIPR webinars – from the safety and comfort (for most!) of our homes. From brand building to crisis comms, we’ve stayed up-to-date and attended many fantastic training sessions.

Ahead of the February 28 deadline for the 2020/21 CIPR CPD cycle, we reported that every member of our 17-strong team had met the threshold to achieve or maintain their status: CIPR Accredited PR Practitioner or better.

The CIPR recognises that continued professional development (CPD) is a core expectation for all PR professionals, and that CPD must be completed each year to maintain our accredited status. Topics include ethics, strategy, and leadership, as well as the latest communications techniques, achieved through webinars, events and portfolio work over a two-year period.

Meanwhile, we’ve unleashed the upskilling power of LinkedIn Learning upon everyone here at Team G.

LinkedIn’s very own online learning platform offers thousands of expert-led courses, from desk yoga, public speaking and mental health for remote working, to graphic design, digital marketing and photography. A significant investment for the agency but one that we know will be worth it.

For some of us, we’ll expand our horizons and skillset. For others, we’ll iron out bad habits or hone a particular strong point. The sheer range of courses and learning resources has sparked many conversations and ideas, as well as providing a huge amount of CPD points in our CIPR portals.

Senior Account Manager Ann Scott said: “I’m new to the CIPR and what I’ve found the most helpful is the monthly networking calls with other CIPR professionals. We’ve shared best practice, campaign wins, frustrations, marketing theory and much more.

“What better way to earn five CPD points than grabbing a glass of wine and chatting with like-minded people for an hour after work?! Along with LinkedIn Learning, this self-development has been invaluable.”

The CIPR says Accredited PR Practitioner status is a hallmark of commitment to professional excellence. It shows PR and digital marketing practitioners are committed to keeping professional skills and knowledge up-to-date while continually developing and broadening horizons.

At Genesis, we want our team to continue to learn and succeed, both personally and professionally. That’s why it’s one of the most important signposts on our roadmap to future wisdom and prosperity in 2021.

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