6 Tips to Create Brilliant Social Media Videos with a Smartphone

You don’t need to be Steven Spielberg with a fancy camera and budget of thousands to create a short and engaging video for your social media channels. Just reach into your pocket, pull out your smartphone and follow our tips.

Set Up

Before you start shooting, go to settings, select ‘Record Video’ in your camera options and select ‘Record ‘4k at 60fps’ – or the highest resolution you have.

Don’t forget to choose Airplane mode so the recording is not interrupted by a call. This is especially important if you’re interviewing someone on a sensitive topic or you want to capture a once in a lifetime moment.

If you’re filming inside, then remember not to place the person speaking in front of a window as they’ll be silhouetted. Having plenty of natural light between an interviewee and camera though will ensure a clear video.


Use a tripod if possible or prop up your phone against something to ensure shots are steady.

For better sound quality use the microphone that comes as part of your smartphone headphones – just get the person you’re interviewing to hold it out of shot.

Filming for different platforms

If you are filming for Twitter, Facebook or YouTube then it’s best to place your phone so it’s horizontal, like you would watch a movie on TV. For Instagram, go vertical.



When seeking to engage with your audience, a piece to camera is best, so it looks like you are talking directly to them. Place yourself in the middle of the shot, look at the camera as opposed to the centre of the screen, and keep glances at a script to a minimum.

If you are instead trying to raise awareness about what your business does, then an interview style video should work better.

Place the person to the left or right hand-side of the screen, looking across the empty space. They should not look at the camera and instead talk to the interviewer.


Keep your video at 30 to 40 seconds. The social media message that accompanies your video will cover the main points so keep your video for storytelling and emotion.

Research shows that people abandon videos after a few seconds if it’s not engaging enough. Therefore, open with a powerful statement or question that will grab them.


Editing and posting

Most smartphones have free editing software, like iMovie for the iPhone. This will enable you to simply and quickly (even while on the move!) edit your speaker and add photos/video over the top to hide any cropped interviews.

At Genesis we work with brands to create compelling video content to influence and inspire their audiences. We can produce the video for you or coach you through the process.

Watch the video of our Senior Account Manager, Ann Scott giving top tips for video content on a smartphone

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