Communication For Your Business In A Time Of Social Distancing

The Importance Of Clearly Communicating To Your Audience In This Virtual World

For any business, communication with their customers is paramount and, in a time where the government is advising against social contact, we’ve pulled together some thoughts on how to keep communicating with your customers in new ways.

  1. Communication via online platforms

There are a multitude of online platforms available whether you’re a charity needing to keep in touch with volunteers or deliver services virtually to the people you help; a professional services company needing to hold virtual meetings, or a business like ours who is maintaining business as usual for our clients – we’re just doing it differently.

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Google Hangout
  • Slack
  • Zoom

All of these platforms (amongst others) enable you to keep in contact with not only your own team but your customers as well – be it through online video chat, direct phone calls or larger group meetings. The benefit of these programmes is that you are still able to have that face to face contact, even if you are unable to do so in person.

  1. Other virtual options

We are all going to need to get creative with content and if it can’t be live then it can be recorded. YouTube is one of the most used sites on the internet and a great way to stream your business’ content online, whether it is live or pre-recorded. Podcasts are another great option.  Also, look to increase the video content on your company website and social channels.

If you’ve had to move your event online, live videos through Facebook and Instagram will draw people in to see what’s happening, allow you to see how many people have tuned in, and also give attendees an option to share their thoughts in real time.

  1. Utilising social media

Equally, utilise your social media platforms to connect with your customers.

More and more customers are looking to connect with businesses through social media, so it is vital to keep your social media presence up to date and moving with the fast pace of the virtual world.

Judging just how many times you post can often be hard. A great way to work out how often your business should post on social media is to create reports to track who’s engaging with your page and your posts. You can then decide how often to post based on this data. When everyone’s news feeds are filled with COVID-19 updates, why not share the changes you have put in place within your business to help your customers.

At a time when we are unable to have face to face contact, which we have felt has been so important up until now, the social-distancing rules have allowed us to explore outside the box and embrace the ever-growing virtual world and what it is able to offer us.

Please get in touch with any of us at Genesis if you would like us to help you brainstorm ideas to help your business virtually.

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