My work experience at Genesis

Public relations is a vital tool to strengthen a company’s image, enhance their brand recognition, and attract its target audience. The power an agency has through its ability to amplify and shift attitudes is incredible, and creating an impact for their clients is exactly what Genesis does.

Throughout my work experience at Genesis, I have seen this impressive power in action and had the pleasure to work alongside an incredibly friendly and dynamic team. I have experienced their strong work culture and the drive to thrive, and I have enjoyed how everyone at Genesis genuinely wants to achieve results for their clients. This was the perfect environment for me to learn about the world of PR as a future career path.


From liaising with clients and drafting press releases, to managing websites and building social media platforms, there is an endless list for what PR agencies like Genesis achieve  every day. It was been inspiring to watch it all in action and to be surrounded by the agency buzz.


I have also had the chance to develop my writing skills and draft short press releases, which is a big difference to the lengthy political essays that I’m usually tasked with at university, and I have been improving my video editing skills by creating celebratory films for Genesis’ 15th anniversary.


The highlight of my experience at Genesis was supporting with a summer barbecue event for the Ipswich Suffolk Business Club, who are a pro-bono client for Genesis. Held on the hottest day of the year, it was the perfect evening to see the role of PR in motion. I was truly in my element being able to network with Suffolk businesses, support with filming, and helping to make sure the event ran smoothly.


An eye-opening week with a leading PR agency has left me impatient to explore the industry even further – I can’t wait to graduate and get out there! A huge thanks to all the team at Genesis for being so welcoming and providing me with such a fulfilling experience!

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