The power of PR for education providers

Public relations is an important tool for businesses, but what about for the education sector?

Public relations is an important tool for businesses, but what about for the education sector?

Whilst exam results, quality inspections and league tables are key measures for success, there is more to a school than the headline figures. Public relations is an opportunity for schools to share their whole story behind the classroom walls and, like any business, it is a chance to establish a brand identity and build a positive reputation in the community.


Here are three reasons why schools and education providers should adopt a business mindset and invest in the power of good public relations:


  1. Boost pupil recruitment


As part of the whole marketing mix, PR can help prospective parents to make an informed choice about what education is right for their children. By feeding regular good news to the press and sharing success stories of real pupils, parents can understand the whole education experience on offer.


At Genesis, we can create the right communications formula to help a school stand out from the crowd, by integrating PR, digital, social media and marketing to reach prospective parents through the right mix of channels.


  1. Connect with the community


Be proactive in reaching out to the local community and sharing news and updates with key stakeholders. Establishing supportive relationships with local councillors, business leaders and community groups can help a school to build its reputation and to engage local employers for work experience and careers advice support. Social media helps with listening to what all your audiences have to say, including your local community. It’s important to be part of the local conversation.


Stakeholder relations is vital when there’s a major announcement, a high-profile project or a potential crisis on the horizon. There is added value in appointing an agency in these situations, for independent advice as well as support with developing a robust communications strategy.


  1. Recruit and retain your team


PR is an opportunity to shape public perceptions of a school, both as a place to learn and a place to work. By sharing opinions of the Headteacher or leadership team, welcoming new appointments and promoting best practice through local press, education sector press and social media, a school can be perceived as a forward-thinking and inspiring place to work. PR can help to attract new talent and impress your current team with the positive feeling of being appreciated and acknowledged.


At Genesis, we are a trusted source of advice and we work with a range of education providers including alternative education, independent schools and multi-academy trusts, to add value to their marketing through PR and communications, which create impact. Contact us to find out how we can help you by emailing or calling 01473 326400.

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