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PLMR’s Week Ahead in Westminster:4th September 2015

What's on the agenda when Parliament returns from recess?

Summer’s over and it’s back to school for the UK’s politicians next week as they return from summer recess. In this podcast we find out what will be top of the agenda when they come back to Westminster on Monday 7th September.

Hear from parliamentary journalist Tony Grew, James Sloan a political consultant at Dods, and the Assistant News Editor at Politics Home, John Ashmore.

We ask James and John:

Will there be a debate on the migrant crisis in the first week?

James says it’s quite likely – Cameron has given a speech where he said there would be ‘detail on numbers’

So, what happens after a debate on the migrant crisis?

According to John, there would likely be an agreement on the number of migrants coming into the UK

What about the EU referendum – will we have more clarity on the referendum?

James says there’s already been an agreement on a change from Yes/No to wanting to be in or out.

When will the EU referendum take place?

John says David Cameron is quite ‘cautious’ and wants to bide his time before bringing together a cohesive ‘in’ campaign.

What is the Assisted Dying Bill, which is also set to be debated next week?

It’s a private member’s bill tabled by Rob Marris. It’ll give terminally ill people the right to die subject to checks from a doctor or judge.

We ask Tony:

It’s Harriett Harman’s last PMQs on Wednesday – will Jeremy Corbyn swiftly follow her?

Tony thinks so. He also said it would be interesting to see how he copes with some of the ceremony associated with being leader of the Opposition, like, for example, making tributes to the Queen.

Will we see a more heavy version of the Conservative Party now they’ve had a chance to ‘get their feet under the table’?

Tony thinks the Tory party will be ‘smart’ as in they will pick their battles wisely – particularly as they need to keep the party united around subjects like the EU referendum.

Is there a back to school feeling about returning from recess?

Tony says it’s an enjoyable period to be around Parliament. Particularly as new MPs are looking forward to hitting the ground running with making legislation.

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