PLMR’s Week Ahead in Westminster: 7th August 2015

Who will be the next Mayor of London?

Both the Conservatives and Labour have now named their shortlists of candidates to become the next Mayor of London.

Favourite for the Tories is Zac Goldsmith, the current MP for Richmond and for Labour it’s Tessa Jowell – Dulwich and West Norwood’s former MP.

With these two the clear frontrunners, can anyone else stop them?

We ask Richard Angell, the Director of Labour group Progress, and PLMR’s James Ford, a former aide to Boris Johnson.

We ask Richard:

Who is on the Labour shortlist?

Richard says there’s Tessa Jowell (of course), Sadiq Kahn, David Lammy, Dianne Abbott, Gareth Thomas (all London MPs) and campaigner, Christian Wolmar.

Will Tessa Jowell be given the nomination?

According to Richard, she is the one that clearly can beat Zac Goldsmith – the likely Tory candidate.

Who are the Tory candidates?

James says there are four: Zac Goldsmith, Steven Greenhalgh (Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime), Syed Kamall MEP and Assembly Member Andrew Boff.

Who is likely to win?

James says Zac Goldsmith is the clear favourite but Syed Kamall’s popularity is increasing.

The Guardian have previously described this as ‘Labour’s to lose’. Is this fair?

According to James, it is possible for the Tories to win – they just need a candidate that can appeal across the board and achieve the all important ‘second preference’ votes.

Does Zac Goldsmith shake this view up?

Richard says it does – Tessa Jowell is the only person who polls higher.

So is this a two horse race between Goldsmith and Jowell?

Richard and James are both in agreement that this looks very likely.

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