PLMR’s Week Ahead in Westminster: 15th May 2015

Who will be the next leader of the Labour Party?

Chuka Umunna, the shadow business secretary, was considered an early favourite but he’s now abruptly ruled himself out.

Who is left in the race now?

We chatted through the front-runners with Conor Pope from LabourList and Labour activist Antonio Dorileo.

Andy Burnham is currently the bookies’ favourite at 2/1. Is this fair?

Conor says he’s got good support with Labour activists, but he has quite an easy job as shadow health secretary because he can easily oppose the Tory’s NHS policies.

There’s a feeling he might be too similar to Ed Miliband – is this accurate?

Antonio thinks this definitely a case that can be argued – Burnham could be regarded as a choice for someone who ‘likes the messaging but not the messenger’.

Yvette Cooper at 7/2 is seen as the second favourite, what can our panelists tell us about her?

Conor regards her as a respected media performer and Antonio is glad a woman is being touted so prominently as a potential leader.

The shadow minister for care, Liz Kendall was the first to throw her hat in the ring. What do we know about her?

As a former head of a charity, Antonio think this gives her great credibility.

What about Tristram Hunt? The shadow education secretary is 16/1 at the moment

Antonio isn’t sure that the party is ready for a ‘privately educated person called Tristram’ as the leader, despite his relatively high-profile.

Lastly, Mary Creagh, shadow international development minister, has recently put herself forward. What chance does she stand?

Conor thinks that she is very much the outsider in the contest and could be using the leadership race as a way to boost her profile.

…and the winner will be?

As he needs to remain impartial, Conor cannot say who he wants to win, although at 15/2 he thinks Liz Kendall is a decent bet.

Antonio thinks it could be between Burnham, Cooper and Mary Creagh.

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