PLMR’s Week Ahead in Westminster: 20th March

General Election 2015 Special Edition Video Interview with Jennifer Nadel, a Green Party candidate for Westminster North

Ahead of the General Election, PLMR is meeting candidates from different parties vying for seats across the country, as they prepare for it.

This time we speak to Jennifer Nadel, a Green Party candidate who is running for the Westminster North seat currently held by Labour politician, Karen Buck.

PLMR Week Ahead in Westminster Video Podcast – Green Party Parliamentary Candidate Jennifer Nadel from PLMR Ltd on Vimeo.

We ask Jennifer:

Is it a difficult task being part of a smaller party trying to upset the status quo?

Jennifer says they’re trying to be creative in their campaigning – when they distribute leaflets they also collect food for foodbanks and register people to vote.

Is your role in the election different as a candidate from a smaller party?

Jennifer is absolutely clear that her role is as part of a political party, rather than a pressure group. She says her work could have the added ‘advantaged’ of shifting Labour back to the Left.

What was your reaction to the Green Party leader, Natalie Bennett’s now infamous interview on LBC?

Jennifer thinks that in a way it helped more people identify with the party as they felt they were ‘more like them.’

Did the interview affect your own election campaign?

Jennifer says it did slightly because it overshadowed it a bit, although it did increase their recognition.

What are the Greens hopes for the election?

The party won’t enter a coalition but hope to have around four or five MPs – she says it would be even more if the electoral system was changed.

What is the key issue for voters in your constituency?

Jennifer says housing and poverty are most important to them. She believes people are beginning to respond well to Green policies too.

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